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Mochi Ads and Game Jacket CPM 2008 results

Hi and Happy New Year everyone.

This blog is new but there are things to be learnt from 2008. For instance, what keywords people used to get to the blog. The most common keywords were MochiAds, CMPStar and GameJacket.

So, sort of a delayed Christmas present for everyone, here are my stats from Mochi Ads and Game Jacket and my conclusions regarding 2008 results.

CPM rules it all…

Mochi Ads: $0.21 per 1000 game impressions
Game Jacket: $0.54 per 1000 game impressions

I did about $360 from both, mostly from Mochi since I didn’t use Game Jacket early on. What’s interesting to notice is that if I was using Game Jacket mostly, I would have made $925.

…until distribution steps in.

Here’s the underlying problem: Game Jacket distribution SUCKS! While Mochi Ads distribution means an average of 1.000.000 plays per game, Game Jacket distribution means an average of 3.500 plays per game.

Game Jacket argues that the games were released earlier on Mochi Ads, thus jeopardizing their own distribution… I personally believe that Game Jacket makes an effort on only some games, while Mochi’s distribution is pretty much automatic, making it more… democratic lacking a better word.

I will be releasing a game with Game Jacket only soon, so I’ll let you all know how that goes. But right now, with the info I have, I must say that even with a lower CPM, Mochi’s distribution pays for the difference.

It’s still early to say exactly where the benefit is, but I’ll be releasing games with several types of licenses, several distribution patterns and everything will be posted here.

A great 2009 to all flash game developers out there!


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